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22 Push ups in 22 DAYS!!    1.00 a day or donate 22.00 dollars for the cause for the 22 days!..  All proceeds go to Zenith World Wide Missions  a non-profit to help in education for young adults for Personal Achievement and pays and sponsor  programs for them to attend  free of charge. Pass the challenge to help!      Go to Raisefunds.com/22-push-ups

 Participant-- Dr Anthony Calandro campaign start date MAY 22ND 2017 -- JUN 14TH 2017 end date

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Join the supporters below and help 22 PUSH UPS FOR 22.00 - 1.00 A DAY FOR AN EDUCATIONAL CAUSE/ 22.00 FOR THE MONTH!.

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    Wendy B.

  • RaiseFunds.com - Supporter
    Zenith World Wide M.

    I challenge all the Three Stooges Fans to match Moe Larry’s and Curly’s support of 4.00 each or 10.00 today!  thanks   tc

  • RaiseFunds.com - Supporter
    Zenith World Wide M.

    Great thing to do!  thanks Dr, for helping kids like mine!!  and getting exercise too!!            AL- from the peach state!

  • RaiseFunds.com - Supporter
    David D.

    Best of luck with the cause!