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name samuel pericles I was born In Haiti I left Haiti and want to New York I want to a private school I was not doing good the taacher tell my parents i parents have a Learning disability. I still struggle w struggle with my disability as child and adult now I am 38 I I do not have my school diploma I working on it online diploma it very hard for me to do.i told my consoler concealer I can not do the online I need and one to one teacher.i am still need get my education my parents fill me when it come to my education.high school was very hard for me and Elementary Elementary now I find a school in Vancouver Canada that help you with the disability I meet with the school next week the cost of the school is 25,0000 evey year have to apply for scholarship And Financial aid I will be apply for school in November I do get social Security social Security every month and work part time I am merried

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