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created by Michelle D.


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I am committed to nurturing my family in every way possible. I grew up eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day. I now watch with joy as my son always chooses healthy and fresh options at the table.

With a new baby arriving this summer, I thought I would take this commitment a step further. My goal is to create a garden in our backyard to supply our family of four with fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the seasons.

By donating to this campaign, you can help me create this garden. Thank you for nurturing my family too!


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Jun 02, 2016

This is an awesome idea! Thanks for always thinking about the best for your family.

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    Keith D.

    What a beautiful gift for you and your family!

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    Karyn D.

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    Duane L.

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    Jeff M.

    Grow Team!

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    David D.

    I love it! What a wonderful idea for the family…

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    Christine D.