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After having spent two months helping in a preschool in Dominica, we fell in love with the peaceful island.

Sadly, after the damages caused by hurricane Maria in September, the whole of Dominica was destroyed and washed away.

Indeed, so was the school we had the chance to be a part of: May's Little Gem's.

This is the reason behind our will and our primary wish: rebuilding the preschool. 

In a country where the infrastructures and the quality of education are very fragile, the damages caused by Hurricane Maria mean each schools throughout the island won't be rebuilt before a few years. And young ones all around the island won't have the chance to go to preschool, college, or university.

This is why, coming from a first world country, we need to think about, and help the small islands. They are vulnerable towards global warming, and do not have the means to rebuild infrastructures upon the country.

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