Raised of $1,600 goal in 238 days

So I am in big trouble, i'll tell you my story.. I just arrived back to go to university and it was friday. Me and a friend of my went out for couple of drinks which eventually led to us going to the casino. I have played roulette once in my life before this time and I ended up raising 1000 from 100, so I though I would be lucky this time as well. Well, I was very wrong and I ended up losing 1200 of borrowed money and 500 of mine. I am so stupid for doing this and especially for playing with the money that wasn't mine. But when I was there I really felt like I could get lucky and win a bit of money, then the greed kicked in and I messed up. I am selling my macbook cause I need to get money before 28th. I was very stupid to do this, and I hope people can learn from my mistake. Never go to casino!!!

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