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I know that is best to write simply, without any tricky words.

I m need help to make complex operation on the my eyes.

In October 2016 I  had an operation to stop glaucoma and after this operation I felt that my vision was better and I began to see the sense of foreignness of my eyes more clearly and acutely.

But now the vision is deteriorated to minus 14,5 diopters on the right eye and minus 18,5 diopters on the left eye. And the worst thing is that the viewing radius is very much reduced due to glaucoma and the left eye is almost not visible. Now need to urgently save the right eye as blindness progresses is very quckly and it can only be stopped by both eyes in the near future.

I sincerely believe that with your help I can cope with this serious problem and keep my eyesight and not go blind.

Thank you for your kind hearts.


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