How It Works

RaiseFunds launches bright ideas to make the world a better place by connecting luminaries with support to launch their visions. Our community is a marketplace of opportunity to contribute to causes, innovations and enterprises fueled by our members.

Simply signup for an account to contribute to our community as a supporter of existing RaiseFunds campaigns or launch a RaiseFunds campaign of your own. No account is needed to merely browse our members’ active campaigns. Campaigns are independently created and managed by our members and each member is responsible for the success of their campaign. While we may provide ancillary services supporting our members’ campaigns and reserve the right to suspend or terminate campaigns that violate our Project Guidelines of Terms of Service, we do not actively monitor and are not responsible for the content of any campaigns.

RaiseFunds’ mission is to encourage the greatest access to support for our members’ campaigns as possible. We therefore strive to minimize administrative and third-party processing fees passed on to our members. Currently, these fees consist of a 5.9% + $.30 per contribution charge (which includes a 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction fee charged by, our third-party payment processor, and an administrative fee of 3%). No fees are charged for browsing or creating RaiseFunds campaigns.

Contributions to campaigns are facilitated through our third-party payment processor and are subject to‘s fees and other terms of use. Please note that signing up for a RaiseFunds account will prompt you to concurrently create an account with to handle any contributions made or received in connection with your RaiseFunds account.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our process or ways to help improve your RaiseFunds experience.