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The date was 2015 oct 12 when my parents got separated. I was doing my higher secondary schooling at the time. I am from middle class family, eventhough my education was somehow paid but good uniform, laptops or desktop was always dreams. After my parents got divorced, me and my sister live with my mother. Currently I am doing 2nd year degree course here at kerala and my sister is taken care by my aunt. My mom who recently went operation for  brain tumour has started working as part time tailor.
I cannot see all this sufferings brought to my family just because of my father's mistake. I have went many places seeking for job but the pay was very low, not able to cope up with my college scehdule and job schedule I am unemployed student right now.
I cannot tell how much in dire need of money we are right now. I have still 3 semester fees due pending and my mom alone cannot fund it. I request you my dearest people reading this page to help me. Why not even a penny, but please help me and my sister complete our education.
Yours faithfully,
Suraj Sharma


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