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Thank you for celebrating our wedding with us! Your well wishes and support of our marriage is the best present we could ask for.  If you would like to gift us with something more, a monetary contribution in any amount towards our honeymoon is something we will always remember. Neither of us has been to Greece and we are looking forward to honeymooning in sunny Santorini and the other isles of Greece!

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Jun 17, 2016

I fully endorse this cause!

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    R & J B.

    Thanks for letting us be a part of your very special day! I wish we could be part of the day you get to Santorini as well, but we’ll let you have that one. We love you guys! congratulations.

  • RaiseFunds.com - Supporter
    Andrew B.

    Congrats! If I squint, I think I can see you two waving from a window beneath the blue dome in the photo!  Love, Andrew & Alice

  • RaiseFunds.com - Supporter
    Obed A.

    Thank you for inviting us, we enjoyed every moment, witnessing your wedding ceremony. It was fantastic and both of you looked stunningly gorgeous. Continue to grow your amazing memories under penal code 2016, together serving dual life with no bail

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    Tom H.


  • RaiseFunds.com - Supporter
    Paul G.

    So happy for the two of you. I wish you all the best and can’t wait to celebrate this weekend!

  • RaiseFunds.com - Supporter
    Jay A.

    We could not be happier for you guys. Have a great honeymoon, can’t wait to see you guys soon.

  • RaiseFunds.com - Supporter
    Nancy G.

    May God bless your marriage immensely!!  We’re sad we are missing seeing you get married!  (We are celebrating Nancy’s Mom’s 80th.)  Love, Faith, Hope, Peace, Joy,  Jim and Nancy Gill, Joey and Taylor too :)

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    Robert Z.


  • RaiseFunds.com - Supporter
    Bill K.

    Have a blast you crazy kids!

  • RaiseFunds.com - Supporter
    Judy M.

    We can’t wait to see you !