Project Guidelines

​Honesty is Our Policy

RaiseFunds is a collaborative community built on trust and candid disclosure. Campaigns on RaiseFunds may not misrepresent facts or otherwise mislead current or potential supporters. We encourage members with RaiseFunds campaigns to be forthright in their goals and how their supporters can help them meet those goals. We also encourage members to report campaigns that violate our project guidelines and reserve our right to suspend or terminate such campaigns.

Campaigns can be for ALMOST anything

While RaiseFunds campaigns can be used for a variety of purposes, in compliance with current laws RaiseFunds campaigns cannot currently:

  1. offer equity or other financial incentives in exchange for contributions,
  2. be used for donations qualifying as charitable contributions for income tax purposes, or
  3. be used to engage in activity that is illegal, offensive, or heavily regulated, including, without limitation the following: gambling, pornography, products or activities regulated by the FDA, and financial or credit products and services. If you are unsure whether your campaign falls into one of these prohibited categories please contact our RaiseFunds team with details about your planned campaign.