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created by Willie B.


Raised of $200,000 goal in 598 days

Rosa Parks Foundation NW Mission Statement We fight for freedom and social justice for every American; We seek to preserve the right to conduct our lives free of infringement of our human liberties. We demand that the United States Government protect, defend and enforce all of our Constitutional Rights in complete accordance with the laws of this land. We firmly believe that men and women, of every color and creed, should be treated with the highest respect, and allowed to live a good life with honor. We solemnly declare that stamping out hate, prejudice, spying, and unlawful acts of every kind is a critical purpose and key goal of the United States Government. Our Mission is to serve the people of our city and Country. We will do the best by aiding the low income and down trodden, making it possible for them to get jobs, support and advancement. In the fast-moving society that we live in today, we want to feed the hungry that have no home, and must sleep on the sidewalk and despair. No one should have to live in the gutter, hoping that someone would toss them a dime. We want to fix the broken system in our country that allows the rich to game the economy, pay little in taxes, and give nothing back to our society. We seek a mighty moral revolution for jobs, dignity, and freedom. Accomplishments Rosa Parks Legal Clinic has saved 3.5 million dollars in real estate foreclosures, and we have helped 6-8 families reserve their lights and rental payments. We have supported 100 families Christmas baskets with excellent food. We have many made recommendations for college core to help them obtain grants for education. We do continue to counsel people in need.

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