Rosa Parks Memorial Association Inc.

created by Dr. Rev. Willie B.


Raised of $3,050 goal in 293 days

To keep Guns out of the hands of children and remove violence.

Rosa Parks' Creative Youth Movement

Mission Statement:

Bring forth an environment that prepares novices (9-18) with artistic skills that enable them to become productive citizens. In an article published by the National Child Project in September 2002 stated: "Children between 9-12 continue to develop their skills at many sports, games, and activities from their early years.  However, some games become predictable and boring. Therefore, they look for a new range of activities to challenge their more advanced motor skills and thinking...... stage plays, advanced science projects, and generate computer graphics."

Developing minds must be given the opportunities to explore. Knowledge builds self-esteem, the sky is the limit when probing minds and ample resources are linked. An investment in our children.... Is an investment in the future? Besides, it cost le3ss to educate then to incarcerate. Our goal is to prepare students in our charge with tools that enable them to become self-reliant.... instead of wards of the state... Costing taxpayers millions!

Many of our youths have mind-sets to be successful: Actors, script writers, camera operators, and producers. The only thing holding them back is the lack of opportunities. The Rose Parks' Creative Movement will provide hands-on training and placement for recruits.

Rosa found the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for self-development. In that same spirit, we at the Rosa Parks' Creative Youth Movement will create an environment that is fertile. We are determined and prepared to enrich the lives of youngsters, we will prepare them for rewarding careers that are unlimited in scope.

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