Raised of $1,500,000 goal in 330 days

Good day to you. I am Ashraf Eme co-founder of wizdoor. 

Wizdoor is an online platform where you will find anything you want. Advanced communication system, wizbank, marketing & booking, mailing, business search engine, media, Live TV & Newses and many many more.

We are developing it with our 3 coders. Our platforms are world's first & we have a remarkable marketing strategy. And we are going to create a revolution in tech universe within next 7 years only if we get proper supports.

We are searching for our primary or push-up investor who can help us to create it, launch it worldwide and do the branding & promoting. We are ready to offer you ownership or profit's partnership.

If you are capable please knock us for further movements.


Ashraf Eme

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +8801911693528

Skype: alinill1

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